5 Time Saving Tips For Your iPad From The iPad Manual

Newcomers to the iPad will usually need an iPad manual to figure things out, and the fact that Apple doesn’t include it inside the iPad’s box isn’t very convenient. Whether this is the first time you have owned an Apple product or you have steadily graduated from the first iPod, through the several iPhone generations and then have found yourself holding the iPad tablet having a decent set of instructions can only benefit and accelerate the learning process. Gadget enthusiasts may not need an iPad manual to know the basic functions or how to get started with the tablet but to make the most of your investment, having some instructions on how to use the iPad thoroughly is desirable and imperative.

Here are 5 tips from the iPad manual which can make your entire experience more convenient than what the wonder device already does.

Your iPad may freeze or a certain application might get stuck at some point. In the event that this may happen, you can hold onto the power button on the top and the home button on the bottom front simultaneously and your iPad will restart. For a frozen application, pressing the home button alone may solve the problem.

Copying a wcoverord is easy on the iPad, as the iPad manual states simply tapping and holding on the word would give you the option to copy it. But copying paragraph or a large portion of the text is a bit different. After you tap on one of the words in the portion of the text simply drag the start and end points to where you’d like and tap copy.

A quick way to mute your iPad instead of pressing the volume down button over and over is to just press and hold the down volume button for two seconds and you will have placed it on mute. Press the volume up button to increase the volume once more.

Apple is known for its conservative and protective practices but that doesn’t mean you can’t get access to free books and free apps. One of the best apps not included on your iPad is the iBooks app. The iBooks app has its own store with tons of free content available for your download.

A time-saving tip for browsing a long webpage and getting back to the top quickly involves the title bar. It can take a few seconds and several flicks to scroll back to the top of a long web page. Instead of going all the way back up the page manually, you can tap on the center of your title bar where the time is and you will be returned to the very top of that webpage instantly.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 time-saving iPad tips!

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